Action Center

Sustained Action + Policy Demands

Sustained strategic action coupled with clear demands for legislative action have proven to be one of the most, if not the most, effective formula for civil rights reform in the United States. Marching without a clear objective connected to federal policy consistently falls flat. Legal action without the backing of the people can be effective, but often only at the local and state levels. The achievement of federal reform – especially in cases of civil rights in general and voting rights specifically – requires both sustained strategic action and clear legislative demands.

Strategies for the Pros

Political strategy, like any other field, is occupied by both professionals and novices. In other words, there are experts in the field that have the experience and knowledge necessary to organize sustained actions and political demands – and there are those that, despite intention and passion – are not qualified to lead such an endeavor. Every effort should be made to ensure that experts form the community are placed in leadership positions when strategically organizing public actions and demands.

For more information on organizing for results, you can find more information in Strategies for the Pros.

Strategies for the People

The People play the most important role in any true civil rights effort.  The following links provide information that people on the ground can use to learn about grassroots strategies that work, and some that don’t.  Armed with this knowledge, more informed choices can be made about what efforts to participate in for media attention and which ones to participate in for political effectiveness.

For more information, go to Strategies for the People.