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Below is a letter that you can print and send to your state Democratic Representatives. Tell them to take immediate action to eliminate the Interstate Crosscheck System and end voter purging by 2018.

For a list of Secretaries of State that participate in the Interstate Crosscheck System, go to:


Honorable Representative,

The Interstate Crosscheck System, designed by Kris Kobach and adopted by 30 states in total, was used to successfully purge over 1 million eligible voters — mostly Black, Latinx and Asian voters — from registration rolls just prior to the 2016 election. Over 1 million otherwise eligible voters were denied their Constitutional Right to vote by Kris Kobach, the Secretaries of State that implemented the voter purges, and the Interstate Crosscheck System.

Recently the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity has requested information from all 50 states that would enable him to take this system nationwide. The courts have rejected efforts to prevent Kris Kobach and the Commission on Election Integrity from accessing this data, but there is much more that can be done to protect voters and block the efforts of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.

As such, the Strategic Institute of Intersectional Policy is calling on the Democratic Party to immediately take action by:

1. Directing Secretaries of State to immediately and voluntarily withdraw from the Interstate Crosscheck System.

2. Using Democratic resources and legal teams to strike down the use of the Interstate Crosscheck System by enforcing the 14th Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause, and the Voting Rights Act in every state. These suits must very intentionally apply the Harper Balancing Test which is designed to specifically ensure federal rights are upheld over state’s rights, NOT the Anderson Balancing Test which is improperly being used by the Republican party to falsely claim state’s rights trump federal rights.

As the 2018 Midterm Elections approach, we are calling on the leadership, strength, and efforts of the Democratic Party to protect our Constitutional Right to Vote and ensure very eligible voter is able to cast a vote in 2018.

Thank you for recognizing the urgency of this matter.

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