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If Trump is to take over the White House, it will be because of the silence of the most powerful Black female in the federal government: Loretta Lynch.

Criminal deprivation of rights is what won Trump the election. Criminal deprivation rights on the day of the election is why the polls leading up to election day did not match the actual outcome of the election. The voter purging system and gaps between registered voters and those that actually voted provide smoking guns that enable the Attorney General to draw a direct link between voter suppression and the outcome of the election. And there is nothing but evidence to indict the people responsible for funding, designing and implementing this system for criminal violations of 18 USC 241, 18 USC 242 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

But the only one that can bring charges on the criminal network that puppeted Trump to victory by filing these charges is the Attorney General. And the current Attorney General of the United States is a Black woman by the name of Loretta Lynch. It is the first Black woman in the nation to hold the position of Attorney General that is the only person that can prevent Trump and the alt-right’s white nationalist takeover of the United States.

There is a reason that it is exceptional that she holds this position. And there is a reason that it is exceptional that a Black woman stands in the way of white nationalism. The Attorney General was granted these rights for very specific reasons. 

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