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This article is the second in a two-part response to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s public attempts to defame my character personally and professionally in the Huffington Post and on Fox News’s The Kelly File.

Mr. Clarke’s launched these attacks in response to an article I published last month entitled Stop Blue Lives Matter. In this article, I describe efforts by the Fraternal Order of Police to pass legislation that allows cops that kill to do so without consequence, and place additional barriers in the path to victims of brutality seeking justice. In the first part of my response to the officer seeking to label Black Lives Matter as a hate group, I refuted his arguably slanderous and libelous attacks on myself as a person. In this article, I will respond to his attacks on my work as a professional.

Last month, I published an article entitled Stop Blue Lives Matter.

In this article, I outline how the Fraternal Order of Police has been attempting to pass legislation that would add law enforcement officers to the list of communities protected by hate crimes legislation. I describe how police unions were involved in creating contracts and passing legislation that serve as direct obstructions to those seeking justice as a result of police misconduct. I also offer suggestions for how to counter these political efforts writing,

“Police union contracts and Law Enforcement Officers’ Bills of Rights are allowing killer cops to walk free…. We will not stop police brutality until we stop the police unions and the Fraternal Order of Police. The first step is to confront and defeat attempts to pass Law Enforcement Bills of Rights at the federal level and the Blue Lives Matter Act. The next step is to abolish police unions and their contracts all together.”

Conservative mouthpiece Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County – the law enforcement officer known for trying to get Black Lives Matter listed as a hate group– took personal and professional issue with this article and called me out in two national formats.

IMAGE BY CHARLIE POTTER (www.charliepotter.com)
In an outrageous display of political theater, Donald Trump spoke to a predominantly black audience at Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday. He swayed to gospel music, held a baby and told the Black community, “I am here today to listen to your message and I hope that my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences in our country….”

And then with that voice, Trump immediately outlined one of the boldest and most racist attempts to coopt the message of a community facing violent discrimination in the United States since the articulation of Kill the Indian. Save the man. Explaining that immigrants, the right to federal education and the criminal people of color in the were to blame for systemic race based and economic oppression, Trump outlined his plan to usher in a new era of Civil Rights legislation.